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Breaking in....

We invite you to experience with us the preparation of our yearling filly by Lawman out of Well Focused as we go through the steps of teaching her to be ridden. It is an important time for any horse. This young animal has only recently joined us but many stages of management had already been achieved by the time she arrived. She has been bitted, walked, brushed, met the farrier and had shoes put on. She has been taught to lunge and has been rugged up. Not a bad start. Now it's our turn.

First of all we check she lunges well in both directions and that we can get her to start and, very importantly, stop! In these photos she is lunging first anti-clockwise and then clockwise. She wears a breaking bridle with a 'key' bit and has one lunge rein placed on a coupling on the bridle and a second lunge rein on the bridge of the head collar.

Now we can place the first tack on her - the roller and a pad. The former is a simple breast girth and girth. This can cause a degree of consternation until accepted with episodes of rearing and/or bucking. Once accepted we can fit it in the stable before entering the lunge ring.

Next on - side reins. These are fixed on the bridle at one end, crossed over the neck and buckled onto the roller. They give a little more control as we move through the stages.

DSCF7011 DSCF7004 DSCF7007 DSCF7021 DSCF7079

The off-side lunge rein is passed behind the hind legs (not always welcomed by the horse!). Once accepted, the horse can be turned and then driven with the trainer walking behind teaching her to 'listen' to his instructions to her mouth, imitating riding without actually being on her back.

DSCF7093 DSCF7080 DSCF7107

And now the the roller is exchanged for a saddle and we are really making progress.

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